One of the most amazing places of our planet is Istanbul. Its the city connecting Europe with Asia , Aegean with Black sea and the beauty of Western civilization with the mystery of the Eastern culture.
But one of the most amazing things about this city is to visit her by the sea
Travel all the way to Vosporos channel and meet the history !!
Aegeas yachting every year is organizing a sailing trip from kavala to Istanbul.
The first trip will take place from 24-5 till 31/5 and it’s one-way trip finishing at Instabul and the second trip is from Instabul to Kavala 31/5 till 7-6 .
The itinerary is planned for Kavala- Samothraki – Tsanakale – Troia – Island of Marmara – Princes islands – Vosporos cruise- Kalamis marina in Istanbul The return trip will follow more or less the same route reversed
Declare your participation now by booking a cabin in one of our boats !!