The North Aegean Sailing Area

The access to our sailing area is either by car or by plane. There are two airports offering many flights. The one in Kavala (Kavala Airport) is only a 20 minute drive from the town. The other in Thessaloniki (Thessaloniki Airport Makedonia) is an 80 minute drive using the new motorway.

Starting your sailing trip from Kavala’s port allows you many sailing destinations depending on the amount of days that you plan to sail. In general, there are the following options:


In addition to the beautiful port of Kavala (where Aegeas Yachting has permanent berths for their yachts), you can spend a night in the little harbour of Iraklitsa6 miles west) and Keramoti fishing harbor (15 miles east), very close to the Nestos river delta leading to the sea. Also located on the mainland coast are numerous bays, perfect for anchoring and swimming. We can also recommend the two small islands, Fidonissi and Thassopoula.


The shortest crossing from Kavala to Thasos is 12 miles. There is one marina in the capital on the north side (free of charge), three fishing harbours, and many excellent protected bays providing anchorage for the night. Thassos is a beautiful island full of pine and olive trees that reach from the hills all the way down to the sea. The inland villages are also wort a visit.


Lemnos (or Limnos) is 40 miles south from Limenaria (the south port of Thasos). The capital, Myrina, is beautiful, and the people are very friendly. If you decide to visit Lemnos, it’s best to stay on the south-west side, as that area has the best anchorages. Lemnos has excellent food, and is much cheaper than in Kavala.


This island is 38 miles west from Thasos’ capital. Waterfalls and 35 “vathres”(small lakes) coming down from the mountain are picturesque and not something you’ll ever forget. Don’t forget to eat the local lamb prepared either on the grill or in the oven.


The three peninsulas west of Kavala are full of great places to visit, as well as having three marinas available to stay in. The most western peninsula and closest to Kavala, Mount Athos, is a kind of separate country, where there are only monasteries. It is not permitted to visit by boat.

Agios Efstratios

This is a small island 18 miles south from Lemnos. There is only one village with a population of 200 people, and only one taverna. Not bad a bad choice if you are looking for something really different!

Sporades Islands

In longer charters, you can visit Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and an additional four small islands. The closest one to Thasos is 80 miles (or 40 from Limnos)

Weather Patterns in the North Aegean

Around Thasos and the mainland coast, the sea conditions are usually light, no stronger than F5. The wind directions are primarily east, but after midday there are thermal winds, moving to southwest up to F4, excellent for sailing.

Sailing to Samothraki, east from Thasos, the wind sometimes increases up to F7 from the east. It’s recommended to read the weather forecast before deciding to sail there. South from Thasos the wind direction changes gradually from east to north. Sometimes in Limnos I’ve needed to stay up to an additional three days in order to sail back to Thasos.

The web site is very reliable for the region, at least for the following two days.